Are You Innovating or Just Keeping the Lights On?

Many organizations spend 70‑80% of their IT budgets just running their existing infrastructure, leaving only 20‑30% for innovative projects. To shift this balance more towards innovation, companies are turning to ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) to improve alignment with business goals and increase the velocity of service improvement and delivery.

Join us for this webinar, featuring Tony Catania, Senior Manager, Portfolio Management at TriNet, and learn how IT powers business success to help them drive extraordinary HR services. Hear how TriNet was able to leverage the power of PPM from ServiceNow IT Business Management to:

  • Perform project characterization, including “keep‑the‑lights‑on” (KTLO), non‑discretionary, and innovation expenditures
  • Align service projects to corporate goals and roadmaps
  • Use resource planning to shape and determine their portfolio