Big Money: An Enterprise Guide to Payroll at Scale to Payroll at Scale

The more employees you have, the more unique pay scenarios you need to account for—and the more potential errors there are when running payroll. Your payroll team has to contend with:

• High numbers of job codes and compensation structures
• Seasonal and/or rolling hiring
• Many separate tax jurisdictions
• Countless compliance risks, and more

At the same time, payroll as a department may be resistant to change. Sensitive employee data, control over proprietary processes, and the need for seamless integration may all cause large enterprise organizations to hesitate when considering a new system.

Comprehensive payroll in the cloud can tackle these concerns head-on, all while reducing errors, processing time, and compliance risk. Read our guide to see how Aramark Food and Support Services and Stifel Nicolaus are among the many large organizations reaping the benefits.