Microsoft will release the next version of Office for Windows and Mac later this year

(Source: XDA Developers) That makes sense since many businesses don’t have the resources to move to the cloud completely. Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365, said in an interview …

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Citigroup lets Texas staff shelter in offices from cold snap

(Source: Financial Post) … support,” Sara Wechter, Citi’s head of human resources, said in a LinkedIn post.

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Google Fires Researcher Meg Mitchell, Escalating AI Saga

(Source: Bloomberg) Dean also said Google would double its human resources staff dedicated to … the company’s Seeing AI project, a technology to help blind users “visualize” the …

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Accenture acquires Palo Alto-based End-to-End Analytics

(Source: The consulting firm helps companies across high tech, retail, consumer, … chain, sales & marketing, pricing & promotion, human resources, and data science.

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Hero appoints Mike Clarke as chief operating officer

(Source: Livemint) …top companies, such as Fiat Group SPA and Delphi Technologies. Mike was also in leadership roles in Operations and Human Resources functions in several …

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Employee Wellbeing: How to Develop a Program That Boosts Retention and Productivity

Many small to mid-sized businesses struggle to retain employees and attract new talent, and low productivity and employee disengagement are prevalent financial drains on businesses. Explore how to develop employee wellbeing programs for your business to create a flourishing workplace with higher productivity and retention. About Gympass: Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform that ignites and fuels every journey […]

The Compliance Resources You Need for 2021

You didn’t get into HR to stress about compliance. But as old laws change and new bills are signed into law, the fight to stay compliant is more challenging than ever—especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Within just a few months, COVID-19 reshaped the world of compliance. When companies transitioned to working from home, employers started to face new compliance […]

How to Build a Benefits Package That Attracts Next-Gen Talent

Gen Z is the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. How can your company stand out from the competition and win over this new generation of workers? The answer is simple: employee benefits. But first, to build the perfect benefits package, you need to understand your audience. To help you keep up with Gen Zers’ needs and meet their expectations of […]

HR Checklist for Growing Companies

Don’t call them growing pains. Being an HR professional at a high-growth company comes with a host of exciting (and challenging) opportunities. Your team’s priorities evolve with each headcount milestone, as new business needs arise and compliance obligations have to be met. It takes a structured, phased approach to handling HR from employee number one to 1,000. Need a helping […]

HR’s Guide to Boosting Employee Morale During COVID-19 (And Into Our Next Normal)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global anxiety in almost every sector of life—but none so much, as the workplace. In fact, 69 percent of U.S. workers reported that the coronavirus pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire professional career, moreso even than other national tragedies like 9/11 and the 2008 recession. And according to our recent survey, HR […]