(Source: Chemical Engineering) … dry and wet film coating technologies, and composite technologies, which are a … synergies with the technology, knowhow, human resources, and processing …

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Microsoft will release the next version of Office for Windows and Mac later this year

(Source: XDA Developers) That makes sense since many businesses don’t have the resources to move to the cloud completely. Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365, said in an interview …

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Citigroup lets Texas staff shelter in offices from cold snap

(Source: Financial Post) … support,” Sara Wechter, Citi’s head of human resources, said in a LinkedIn post.

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Google Fires Researcher Meg Mitchell, Escalating AI Saga

(Source: Bloomberg) Dean also said Google would double its human resources staff dedicated to … the company’s Seeing AI project, a technology to help blind users “visualize” the …

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Accenture acquires Palo Alto-based End-to-End Analytics

(Source: The consulting firm helps companies across high tech, retail, consumer, … chain, sales & marketing, pricing & promotion, human resources, and data science.

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The Class of 2023 Forges Ahead: Six Things to Know About the Next Cohort of College Job Seekers

 When it comes to the future, Gen Z is optimistic about the long-term, but uncertain and anxious about what’s immediately ahead. Economic uncertainty is shifting Gen Z job seeking behavior—with 44% planning to apply to more jobs, a more diverse range of jobs, and, for some, sooner than expected. We asked the Class of 2023 to give us their unfiltered […]

How to Drastically Reduce Engineering Time Spent on Recruiting

Today, an engineering team incurs, on average, 6 times the cost that recruiting does for each technical hire. This is because engineers’ work is frequently interrupted with interviews and candidate evaluations, which in turn hurts their productivity. But why does so much of the burden of hiring fall on engineers, and what can you do about it? That’s the question […]

Designing the New Workplace

Learn how workplace teams are using space analytics to stay agile, enable collaboration, and build successful hybrid workplaces while optimizing employee experience and bottom-line cost-savings. Gain valuable insights:• See how industry experts are reimagining the office• Stay ahead of trends with flexible workplaces• Welcome the future of work with dynamic spaces

4 Key Ways to Measure an Agile Workplace

Learn how to use space analytics and data to enable collaboration, measure utilization across offices globally, and create smarter spaces that optimize everything from people to places, and things. Gain valuable insights:• Review existing solutions for measuring workplaces• Compare and contrast each method• Discover how real-time space data transforms offices

Top 5 Ways To Get the Most Out Of University Recruiting Season

University recruiting is full of challenges. While trying to find the best fit for their internship and new grad roles, recruiters must manage a high volume of candidates within a tight timeline of just a few weeks. On top of that, 2020 and 2021 demanded a revisit of many tried-and-true university recruiting processes, like career fairs and on-campus interviewing. How […]