Fujifilm launches new digital mirror-less camera: Details

(East Coast Daily English) Mumbai: Fujifilm India, a photographic technology company has launched new … The X-T5 features back-illuminated 40.2MP sensor ‘TransTM CMOS 5 HR 2’ and…

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Equifax Inc. (NYSE:EFX) Receives Consensus Rating of “Moderate Buy” from Brokerages

(The AM Reporter) Equifax Inc provides information solutions and human resources business process automation outsourcing services for businesses, governments, and consumers.

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Schneider Electric program creates jobs for Saudi graduates

(Arab News) Schneider Electric’s human resources vice president for Saudi Arabia and … coupled with a growing choice of curated digital solutions, is elevating…

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Avalanche to power Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure services in Asia

(CoinTelegraph) Developers expecting high resource demands during peak hours can also tap into additional resources — computing, … This is the iron law of human society.

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Dynamic Technology Services Sales Director Joins NITCO Inc. Executive Leadership Team

(MenaFN) Lance has served as a Senior Enterprise Account Executive for boomi , a Gartner leader in iPaaS; Oracle for product sales in Finance, Human Resources,…

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Hiring Software Engineers? Here’s How To Prevent Drop-off From Top Candidates

Even in today’s uncertain economic climate, the demand for senior-level software engineers is on the rise. To attract and secure top candidates, companies must create a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process. In this resource, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Hayley Walton, MA, from CodeSignal’s Skills Evaluation Lab, provides research-backed best practices to improve candidate experience when using a technical assessment.

4 Ways To Help Your Engineers Spend Less Time Interviewing

As the demand for skilled tech talent continues to rise, the role of software engineers in interviewing and assessing candidates has become increasingly important. However, the amount of time that engineers spend on recruitment-related tasks such as interviews, creating technical questions, and evaluating candidates is no longer sustainable. Recent research has shown that engineering managers can spend up to 15% […]

5 Ways To Build A More Diverse Engineering Team (And Why You Need To)

Despite the growing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in many companies, engineering continues to lag behind other job types. One major contributor to this ongoing problem is the bias-laden methods used in technical recruiting, such as traditional resume reviews and interviews, that fail to promote diversity. While early-career candidates from renowned universities like MIT are highly sought after […]

Putting Talent First: How to Optimize the Candidate Experience

Have you ever applied for a job only to never hear back? Chances are, this experience made you less likely to recommend the organization to a friend—and to think twice before applying there again. This is just one example of how candidate experience, also known as candidate reactions, has major implications for your company’s hiring processes and beyond. In this […]

How Scotiabank Engages Their Global Workforce With Achievers Recognition™

Founded in 1832 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Scotiabank is a leading bank in Canada and a leading financial services provider in the Americas, with over 23 million customers, assets of approximately $1.1 trillion (as of October 31, 2022), and approximately 90,000 employees around the world. With employees spread across 30 countries, Scotiabank needed an employee engagement solution that could go […]