LockBit ransomware suspect nabbed in Canada, faces charges in the US

(Ars Technica) With minimal human oversight following the initial point of compromise. … illustrates our commitment to using all of our resources to ensure we…

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Vesta Software Group, a software multinational company bought the Uruguayan Datalogic

(Digital Journal) Acquisition of the Uruguayan technology company Datalogic Software, which provides software solutions for business resource planning, human resources…

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Artemis Announces Partnership with Wellthy, Tech-powered Family Care Solution

(Valdosta Daily Times) Artemis Announces Partnership with Wellthy, Tech-powered Family Care Solution … HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES INSURANCE HEALTH INSURANCE HUMAN RESOURCES.

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Schneider Electric : The Multifarious Benefits of Leveraging Clean Technology

(MarketScreener) Clean technology has the potential to clean our natural resources and deem them fit for human use. Biodiversity:The imbalance in the ecosystem has caused a…

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NUMATEC’s Stiglitz Explains How He Plans Sales to Grow to US $100 Million

(Portada-online.com) Technology leaders NUMATEC represents include data-driven ad management and analytics … Looking at the wider advertising and marketing technologies space,…

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See What the Future of Workforce Management Looks Like

Leading organizations are combating economic uncertainty by investing in workforce management solutions that drive workforce efficiencies, reduce unnecessary labor costs, and manage complex compliance standards. A modern workforce management solution has been shown to provide a $12.24 for every dollar invested, but an outdated workforce management solution can cost organizations millions of dollars per year. How can you possibly find […]

UKG Named HCM Leader in 2 Different Segments – Learn Why in This New Report

Economic uncertainty has rapidly accelerated the already intense need for employers to digitalize HR operations and thrust the future of work forward sooner than expected. Organizations that do not focus on advancing their HCM technology run the risk of being left behind, losing talented employees to more tech savvy competitors. To best attract and retain the future of work, organizations […]

UKG Has 2 HCM Leading Solutions – Learn Why in This Nucleus Report

Substantial roadblocks in attracting and retaining talent have driven an increase in investment throughout all areas of HCM, such as talent acquisition, benefits administration, learning and development, and high-demand tools including on-demand pay. Organizations that are winning the war for talent have been proactive in their HCM technology investments, while organizations that have not re-evaluated their technology are losing talented […]

Case Study: State Of Maryland Department Of Public Safety

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) operates 27 correctional facilities and 45 parole and probation offices across the state with nearly 12,000 employees. DPSCS was using a patchwork combination of automated and manual time and attendance data collection that was proving to be too convoluted, error prone and simply outdated. They had trouble meeting everyday requirements […]

5 Ways Time Tracking Boosts Your Bottom Line

Most people, when in an unfamiliar town, do not pull out a paper map to find their way to the nearest grocery store. They use Waze or Google Maps, far more efficient tools available literally at your fingertips. So why wouldn’t companies want to use the most useful tool to track their employees’ time—automated time tracking software? TCP time tracking […]