Widex US Names Retail Branding Veteran Kerrie Coughlin Vice President of Marketing

(Source: MarTech Series) MarTech Series covers marketing technology news, editorial insights and digital marketing trends from around the globe. Updates on modern marketing tech …

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Kronos Advanced Technologies Selects BOTS Inc to Develop a Next-gen Dogecoin Mining rig for Installation in the KNOS Flagship Line of Air Purifiers AirDoge

(Source: Dogecoin started as a fun meme cryptocurrency but now has a market capitalization of $7 billion and a huge global following. “Kronos is at a pivotal moment in the …

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Ford (F) Hires Suzy Deering As New Global CMO

(Source: Pulse 2.0) Earlier, she was CEO of Moxie (a technology-led marketing agency) and spent 13 years at Verizon Wireless, the last two as executive director of Media, …

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Kingdee Increases Strategic Investment in Fxiaoke Technology for Optimistic Outlook on CRM

(Source: MarTech Series) As enterprises continue to promote digital transformation, the marketing SaaS market … With its unique CRM product capabilities, Fxiaoke Technology has been …

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Bluecore Named to Crain’s New York Fast 50 for the Third Consecutive Year

(Source: MarTech Series (MTS) is a business publication dedicated to helping marketers get more from marketing technology through in-depth journalism, expert author …

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Successful WiFi 6 Deployment to Customer Homes

More and more smart home devices are entering the market every day. At the rate consumers are adopting new technologies, we anticipate seeing up to 32 connected devices per smart home by 2025*. In light of this, CSPs need to rethink their business model with the smart home user in mind. Smart home technologies depend on fast and reliable connectivity, […]

OpenSync: A Brand-Agnostic Delivery Framework for the Modern Connected Home

Connectivity is essential to the modern home. But consumers want more than reliable WiFi. They expect not only high-quality network performance but also personalized, rich services. And they want these services delivered quickly and seamlessly. As the smart home transforms and the home network becomes more intelligent—and more congested—Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Communications Services Providers (CSPs) need to be […]

Plume’s Intuitive Solution Provides a Game-Changing Experience for MCTV Customers

As an organization that prides itself on its has an organization that prides itself on its high-touch customer service, MCTV was concerned about the volume of customer feedback related to poor WiFi signal and equipment issues. MCTV turned to Plume for a solution that would help them exceed their customers’ expectations. This case study details how MCTV successfully leveraged Plume […]

The Smart Home Report 2019: How Optimisation, Security and Personalisation are Shaping Smart Home 2.0

First came the connected home. Next came Smart Home 1.0, as consumers began to adopt, use, and become accustomed to connected smart devices. We are now on the verge of Smart Home 2.0, as devices and software work together seamlessly to understand human and household context and generate hyper-personalized experiences. The Smart Home 2.0 will be powered by a cloud-based, […]

CSPs Can Secure Their Profitability in 2021 By Utilizing the Power of Wi-Fi 6 for Smart Homes

In this report, Beecham Research’s CEO Robin Duke-Woolley examines how the first and only self-optimising, whole-home WiFi technology is delivering ISPs an increase of up to $15 smart home related ARPU. The top 2 CSPs in the USA and two of the largest fixed-line providers in Europe have switched to this technology and are also seeing their NPS scores boosted […]