iClick Interactive Asia Announces US$5 Million Share Repurchase Program

(Yahoo Finance) With its leading proprietary technologies, iClick’s full suite of data-driven … market competition; market acceptance of online marketing technology…

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Heineken chief says drinkers still see beer as affordable luxury

(Devdiscourse) Chief Executive Dolf van den Brink told Reuters the Dutch brewer had seen signs of decelerating consumption in Europe, its largest market, in September…

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Daikin Acquires Venstar

(ACHR News) (DIL), a global manufacturer of HVAC systems — complements the growing market for Daikin’s environmentally friendly indoor comfort technologies, including its…

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Twitter Blue signups unavailable after raft of fake accounts

(ABC News) “For most marketers on budgets, Twitter has always been that thing that is … AP Technology Writer Frank Bajak in Boston contributed to this report.

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Amazon hosts Syracuse University students to see tech up close

(Spectrum News) Not only from a personal aspect but a professional aspect with digital marketing.” Cheng works at SU’s Mary Ann Shaw Center’s public and community service IT…

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5 Pitfalls of SMS

Text notifications fail to deliver on the promise to convert customers. Find out why SMS is an expensive and poor-converting channel, and uncover mobile messaging alternatives to get higher conversions at half the cost. It’s time for product managers and marketers to look beyond the “Black Box” of SMS for mobile notifications. From marketing to transactional and operational messages, SMS […]

The Zendesk For Software & Cloud Services Approach

To survive and thrive in a crowded landscape, software, and cloud services companies need to be hyper-focused on one key metric: customer retention. Power is shifting to customers as the subscription model creates a low barrier to churn. While there are many factors at play, one thing is for sure. Software companies are intensely focused on boosting the quality of […]

Making The Switch: How Companies Like Uber, Airbnb, & Instacart, Improve Customer Experiences With Zendesk

The bigger your business gets, the more challenging it can become to deliver the kind of personal, thoughtful experiences that stand out in your customers’ memories. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Agents willing to tackle difficult problems, who are empowered with the right technology that preserves important context about each support issue, are what it takes to deliver exceptional […]

How Leading Healthcare Organizations Are Transforming Patient And Employee Experiences

Personalized patient experiences are vital to positive patient outcomes. Unfortunately, outdated technology prevents many healthcare organizations from providing the kind of streamlined experiences that patients and employees expect. Read on to learn how leading healthcare organizations are addressing the challenges faced by the industry while creating better patient and employee experiences.

CX trends 2023: Healthcare

There has been one constant over the past three years, it’s change—how we work, live, and consume have all been radically transformed, and as a result, healthcare organizations have witnessed dramatic shifts in consumer expectations. This period of widespread change has led many businesses to invest more in the customer experience, and as 2023 begins, the scope of consumer demands […]