The Key To Building A Customer-Centric Culture: Combining Your Unified Communications And Contact Center Solutions

Why should you care about building a customer-centric team? In simple terms, being customer-centric is all about providing an unforgettable customer experience. This means speedy customer service, friendly employees, and regular engagement with your customers. And, since customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than those who aren’t, it’s beneficial for your business and customers.

But where’s the best place to start? It all boils down to creating a more connected experience between employees and customers, and you can do this with (drumroll please)… an integrated unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution.

Customers are no longer content with a single communication channel—they want to interact across different channels. Think about how many channels are available now: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, live chats, email, phone calls, video meetings, messaging platforms, chatbots, and the list goes on. By bringing UCaaS and CCaaS together, you can deliver the best connected experience to both employees and customers.

In fact, bringing UCaaS and CCaaS together is so valuable that our research with Metrigy shows participants who integrated UCaaS and CCaaS see the following results:
• 56.7% increase in customer satisfaction ratings
• 19.7% reduction in operational costs
• 23.4% reduction in monthly per-agent spending on licenses

Not enough proof yet? Don’t worry. We’ll give you an inside look at how an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution can help make your entire organization more customer-centric.