ARTICLELectra To Acquire US-Based Gerber Technology

(Source: Elets) The news feeds of IT and technology websites in early February were exploded with information about the “deal of the year”, which could turn the game in the …

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Livanta Launches Redesigned Website

(Source: GlobeNewswire) 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Livanta LLC, a leading government contracting firm focused on healthcare quality improvement and information technology, …

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TRENDING Kroger reveals data breach caused by third-party company

(Source: Koki Fox 23) … information technology department’s systems or any grocery store systems or data, … “At this time, based on the information provided by Accellion and its own …

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Is Dell Technologies (DELL) Stock Outpacing Its Computer and Technology Peers This Year?

(Source: Nasdaq) Healthcare and information technology stocks are among the notable gainers in the Canadian market. Telecom and energy stocks are finding modest support, …

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Steampunk Hires Crawford-Jones To Lead Its Department of Justice Sector Business

(Source: PR Newswire) Tasha received her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Systems from American InterContinental University and an MBA from New York Institute of …

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Exchange Server Exploits: How to Spot and Stop Vulnerabilities Resulting From HAFNIUM Attacks

True, false or maybe? • If you use Exchange Online, then HAFNIUM and the Exchange Server exploit do not affect you.• The most likely consequence of the exploit is credential dumping.• If you’ve been attacked through the exploit, the best practice is to rebuild Active Directory. Attacks against multiple vulnerabilities in Exchange Server have left system administrators like you scrambling […]

Nine Best Practices to Improve Active Directory Security and Cyber Resilience

A little digging into the many recent, headline-grabbing data breaches reveals one common thread: It was often a lapse in internal security that enabled the attack to succeed, despite robust external security. Employees can use their access permissions to steal your data deliberately or put it in danger accidentally, and stolen credentials and weak passwords turn outside attackers into insiders […]

Be Prepared for Ransomware Attacks With Active Directory Disaster Recovery Planning

Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing. Are you prepared? Since Active Directory provides authentication and authorization services for users and critical applications, a solid Active Directory recovery plan must be at the core of every ransomware defense strategy. Indeed, as one Gartner analyst notes, “The restore process from many well-documented ransomware attacks has been hindered by not having an intact Active Directory […]

Which Chart is Right for You?

You’ve got data and you’ve got questions, but what’s the best way to visualize that data to get the answers you need? Transforming data into an effective visualization or dashboard is the first step towards making your data make an impact. In this paper, you’ll learn about different chart (and graph) types and when to use them, along with tips […]

10 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboards

A well-designed dashboard is a powerful launch point for data-driven conversations. Armed with the same collection of information, your business makes faster decisions based on a single source of truth. This whitepaper will teach you best practices for building the most effective dashboards for your audience—walking you through three sections of use cases and examples:• Thoughtful planning will allow you […]