DigiLocker Users can Now Digitally Store Health Records and Link Them With Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA)

(Current Affairs) DigiLocker, the authentic documents exchange platform under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has completed its second-level of…

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Kalamazoo ranks 10th in list of top digital U.S. cities, according to survey

(WWMT) Kalamazoo ranked tenth in the 75,000-124,999 population category, and the city’s Department of Information Technology was cited for their work in partnering…

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Medibank says ransomware group’s threat to release customer information a ‘distressing development’

(The Guardian) Medibank says ransomware group’s threat to release customer information a ‘distressing development’. ‘Data will publish within 24 hours’ post to darknet blog…

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Zeevo Group Bolsters Quality Management Capabilities to Aid Clients’ Organizational Control, Operating Efficiency & Compliance

(Business Wire) A business, finance, and information technology consulting services firm, … as aircraft leasing, technology and consumer products. zeevogroup.com…

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Microsoft: Nation-state threats, zero-day attacks increasing

(TechTarget) The tech giant published the Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022 Friday which … of Industry and Information Technology within two days of discovery.

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The Painless Guide to Security Service Edge (SSE)

Security is way too complex! Your people and data are everywhere, and you’ve got too many products from too many vendors layered up to patch the gaps. It’s a beast to manage, it’s ineffective and it’s stopping your people from doing their jobs. It’s time to simplify your security. In this eBook, we explore how Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms […]

Code Coverage for Safety-Critical Programs 

This white paper summarizes the different implications and considerations surrounding code coverage for safety-critical programs, along with code coverage requirements mandated by four major standards governing safety-critical software in various industry contexts. First, we discuss the emergence of safety-critical software as part of modern systems. Next, we define code coverage analysis, how it works, and why it is used as […]

Embedded Product Planning and Requirements Guide

There has never been a better time to build embedded products. A profusion of open-source software stacks, community resources, silicon components, andelectronics assemblies have made it possible to develop polished, feature-rich products in a minimal amount of time.Yet paradoxically, the abundance of technology choices without clear and definitive selection criteria can derail development into non-productive research projects and analysis paralysis. […]

From Bounty to Exploit: Cybercriminals Use Crowdsourcing for New Attacks

From articles to hackathons, cybercriminals are resorting to crowdsourcing to find more ways to exploit systems. In this article, we tackle these contests, explore their results, and anticipate their possible impacts on the work of cybersecurity defenders.

Trend Micro 2022 Midyear Cybersecurity Report: Defending The Expanding Attack Surface

In the beginning of 2022, many companies around the world began calling for most, if not all, of their workforce to return to the office on a full-time basis, a phenomenon aptly referred to as “the Great Return.” Meanwhile, some companies embraced permanent hybrid work or remote setups. This diffused labor pool, together with a widened digital attack surface, has […]