VenoStent has a new technology to improve outcomes for dialysis patients

(Source: Yahoo Finance UK) Bouré had first started working on the technology at the heart of VenoStent’s offering as part of his dissertation in 2012. Lucks, a graduate student …

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Aeris Joins 5G Open Innovation Lab as a Technology Partner to Help Drive Early Adoption and Innovation of 5G Technology

(Source: Yahoo Finance) Unique to the Lab’s approach is its focus on unifying an independent ecosystem by bringing together technology, financial and community partners and …

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eFinancialCareers Launches COVID-19 Resource Center for Finance and Tech

(Source: PRNewswire) Data visualizations of finance and tech job postings by market; Virtual career fair event information; Recent open finance jobs; Leading eFC and finance industry …

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Sotheby’s International Realty Announces Affiliation with Expansión to Launch First-Ever Global Real Estate Portal in the Mexican Market

(Source: PRNewswire) Expansión is a multi-platform business outlet covering finance, technology, arts … Mansion Global, The Financial Times in Europe, NIKKEI in Asia, and more.

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Ameyo launches video KYC engagement platform for banking and finance sector

(Source: Times of India) Ameyo launches video KYC engagement platform for banking and finance sector … Ameyo, a customer engagement technology provider, has announced the …

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Empowering Companies to Reach Beyond the Limitations of QuickBooks 

Many companies start with QuickBooks but soon find that it lacks many of the capabilities growing businesses need. They often find themselves relying upon a dangerously unreliable “spreadsheet hairball” to support aging accounting systems. When your team and operations are small, the seemingly low cost of maintaining on-premises systems like QuickBooks masks the cost of inefficiencies in carrying out routine […]

Guide of Continuous Accounting: A Smart Approach to Better, Faster Decision Making  

Many finance and accounting professionals dread the arduous task of closing the books. Whether done monthly or quarterly, the process is labor-intensive, full of mundane, repetitive tasks and takes days or weeks to complete. Rather than maintaining the status quo, companies that want better, more timely financial insights must replace the traditional record-to-report process with a continuous accounting approach.

State of the CFO Role Survey: Bullish & Building Back  

CFOs were quick to cut in April to conserve cash. Now, they’re ready to get back to spending as usual—much more quickly than other leaders in their businesses. That’s the headline finding of our September 2020 survey of 120 CFOs and other business leaders. Check out our other key findings here.

Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order 

Delivering on customer expectations comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: Getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. For merchants, the perfect order means accomplishing this at the optimal cost and efficiency. This white paper explores the three key components that go into building a strategy to provide seamless, omnichannel experiences […]

6 Tips of Tackling Physical Inventory Counts 

Avoid the Pain of Manual, Physical Counts Inventory and warehouse management systems make physical counts faster, easier and less frequent. Download the infographic to learn how physical counts enable businesses to:• Confidently rely on a demand-based production model.• Keep less inventory on hand.• Decrease overhead costs associated with storage.