COVID-19 Active Directory Vulnerabilities and Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

Defending your IT infrastructure against cyber attacks has never been a simple task — and the current coronavirus pandemic has made it even tougher. With work from home exploding and IT teams forgoing security initiatives to enable remote access and ensure productivity of remote workers, attackers are striking hard and fast. Moreover, more and more attacks are now seeking not just some of your data but the total annihilation of your infrastructure.

Any organization can be a target — or simply collateral damage from a cyber attack targeting someone else. Remember how NotPetya was clearly aimed at Ukraine, but companies around the world, including Maersk, suffered staggering damage?

Sadly, many organizations are simply unprepared, and so they sustain staggering damage or even fold completely. Don’t let your organization suffer the same fate; bolster your cyber security resilience now. Download this tech brief to learn how destructive incidents unfold, how to defend your organization, and where to find the powerful yet flexible disaster recovery solutions that you need today more than ever.