ESG Economic Validation: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Trend Micro Vision One

Threat detection and response has historically been complex, difficult work. Multiple security point solutions produce increasing numbers of alerts to be triaged. Silos of visibility and investigations hinder data correlation, restrict context, and enable low levels of information sharing. Security teams are forced to manually piece together the story of an attack, delaying response and increasing risk.

The alternative? Extended detection and response (XDR), which provides essential capabilities such as cohesive, enterprise-wide visibility; collection of telemetry from multiple security layers; correlated detection; in-depth investigation; and built-in response actions. Collectively, these capabilities minimize the noise and speed detection and response based on accurate, timely information.

ESG validated that organizations highly aligned with XDR:
• Suffered half as many attacks.
• Were 2.2 times more likely to detect a data breach or successful attack in only a few days or less.
• Were 60% less likely to report attack repropagation.

ESG also validated the positive outcomes experienced by users of Trend Micro Vision One with XDR, including security effectiveness, business enablement, and cost savings. Organizations using the XDR capabilities of Trend Micro Vision One can eliminate siloed views and processes, reduce cybersecurity complexity, pursue new opportunities more confidently, and reduce spending on security products.