Is Team Safe? Top 10 Security Threats Explained

Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history and in lockdown, almost all of us are using it. But is it safe? The app itself is secured by Microsoft, how it is used is your problem!

Learn about the top ten threats from Microsoft Teams, decide your policies for Teams use and how to enforce them.

Uncontrolled access could risk data loss, malware infection and Teams can be used by hackers to gain access to your systems or spread ransomware.

This webinar will discuss the growth of Teams and the Top Ten Threats to your business and how to address them, such as:

• Guests can be added by Team admins and see internal confidential data
• Teams can be used on unmanaged devices and risk data loss
• Guest users can upload files that contain malware
• Teams controls should be integrated with the rest of your security policies