Real Examples of Third-Party Risk: Lawsuits, Millions of Dollars, and Reputational Damage

Securing your own organization against threat actors is hard enough. Add in all of the ways you can be exposed to danger through your third-party vendors and the idea of being fully secure seems nearly impossible.

When Blackbaud experienced a ransomware attack, the number of organizations impacted totaled nearly 250, and the SolarWinds supply chain attack led to between 40 and 100 victims compromised by threat actors. Those organizations weren’t directly targeted, but ended up in the line of fire because of their third-party associations.

What could those organizations have done to prevent being victims of those attacks? Read our latest e-book on third-party risk. The piece includes:
• Real-world examples of third-party attacks
• Background on how those cases happened
• Ramifications of those attacks
• How to protect your organization from third-party attacks