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Guide: Next-Gen Intrusion Detection: A New Security Approach to Unlock Value and Drive Down Risk

Legacy security leaves firms high-and dry While the world works from home, cyber-criminals continue to do what they do best. Ransomware cases are estimated to have increased 20% in the first half of 2020 to top 121 million attacks.1 The number of corporate records exposed in Q1 2020 alone soared 273% year- on-year to reach 8.4 billion.2 In their wake, […]

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6 Reasons to Update Your Approach to Network Data Analysis

Are your traffic analysis solutions still effective in today’s complex IT infrastructures? In this guide, we explore six major factors driving new approaches to network performance management (NPM). We will also discuss real-time stream analysis, a significant step up from the previously popular stream-to-disk and PCAP techniques for traffic packet capture. Get your copy of the guide.

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Implementing Real User Monitoring

It’s difficult to perform real user monitoring (RUM) in cloud and virtual environments with traditional tools. In this guide we take a look at:• The challenges with using traditional tools to perform RUM in virtualized and cloud environments• The advantages of shifting to agentless RUM• Three approaches to agentless RUM in virtual data centers and cloud environments

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