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Forrester Now Tech: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q4 2020

Many organizations are expanding traditional threat intelligence programs to include vulnerability management, brand protection, and other critical security functions. With a “big picture view” of risk, they’re empowered with the advanced warning and actionable facts needed to protect themselves. Download the new Forrester Now Tech: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q4 2020 report to explore the current market landscape and learn […]

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4 Ways to Supercharge Your Security With Intelligence

Having access to lots of security data — alerts, vulnerability scan data, suspicious files — is great. The hard part is knowing where to take action first. Security intelligence empowers you to prioritize what matters — no matter what security role you play within your organization. Recorded Future Express is our free browser extension that makes security intelligence instantly accessible […]

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Security Intelligence: Driving Security From Analytics to Action

To drive down risk while achieving meaningful operational outcomes, intelligence must be embedded into the core of every security workflow, function, and decision. This requires a unified approach for collecting, analyzing, and automating data and insights. With Recorded Future, security intelligence is more than a methodology — it’s a mindset, a philosophy for how Recorded Future empowers its clients with […]

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