IDC How the Digital-Native Enterprise is Winning the Future

This IDC Perspective illustrates what a digital-native enterprise looks like and can achieve when it has “digital” ingrained in the most important aspects of its culture and business. Digital transformation has progressed to where it is now an existential concern for many enterprises. Growing organizations strive to become “digital native” in the way they think, what they produce, and how they operate. Yet many organizations have difficulty in imagining what the new digital future could be.

“The digital-native enterprise is able to scale its business and innovate at a pace that is an order of magnitude greater than traditional businesses. Technology and data, built on an advanced digital business platform, fuel more efficient operations, new revenue streams, and customer loyalty,” says Mike Rosen, research vice president at IDC. “DNEs exemplify three core principles: Information and how it is used are key to success. Consumer engagement and scale is mandatory. And, ecosystems and platforms are as important as core IP.”