ETQ Announces Acquisition by TCV

(Source: Quality Digest) EtQ, LLC, a global leader in quality management system (QMS) and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software …

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Gartner explains the hype

(Source: Gartner looks at AI as a severely disruptive technology. … attack governments looking for solutions in identification, taxes, records management and regulation.

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Glytec gets FDA clearance for its insulin management technology

(Source: MobiHealthNews) Diabetes therapy management software company Glytec has just secured its fourth FDA clearance, adding a slew of capabilities to its Glucommander product, …

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Box Taps Google’s Cloud Vision Technology For Image Recognition

(Source: eWeek) “Images are the second most common and fastest growing content type in Box,” said Ben Kus, senior director of product management at Box in a blog.

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Freshworks Launches Freshteam To Eat Into The HRTech Pie

(Source: Inc42 Media) Cloud-based business software provider Freshworks (previously, Freshdesk) has launched its latest product, Freshteam, a recruitment management software …

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The New Content Frontier

Customer are infinitely complex, but connecting with them doesn’t have to be. Because while your customers may be wildly different, they do all want one thing — meaningful and relevant experiences. To deliver these experiences requires a powerful web content management system. It’s the digital foundation you need to provide the personalized experiences — that build brands, customer loyalty, and […]

The Art of Integration

It’s amazing how online and offline data remains disconnected. Sculptor and conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor knows the benefits of connecting two different worlds. In our guide, The Art of Integration, you’ll see what marketers can learn from the symbiotic relationship of Taylor’s sculptures on the floor of Molinere Bay. Read the guide to learn how to piece together all your […]

Touching the Infinite

Today, staying competitive requires mobile maturity—a maturity that transforms businesses from simply creating products to delivering amazing digital experiences. And mobile is at the center. We’ve analyzed the latest trends from mobile decision makers in the 2017 Adobe Mobile Maturity Study and share the findings in our report, Touching the Infinite. Read the report to: o Get the latest pulse […]

The Programmatic Revolution

The world of advertising is more demanding than ever. Luckily, programmatic makes meeting those demands simple. Read The Programmatic Revolution: How Technology Is Transforming Marketing and the Daily Lives of Marketers to learn how quality data, transparency, and automation can turn programmatic advertising into your greatest tool for success. Read our guide to learn how programmatic advertising helps you: • […]