Accounting Software in United States Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

(Source: EIN News ) The Accounting Software market size will be XX million (USD) in 2022 in United States, from the XX million …

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Foundation Software Recognized for ‘Impactful Technology’

(Source: Business Wire) Foundation Software, Inc., developer of construction accounting and project management applications, was …

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SkyPeople to Establish Agricultural Commodity Trading Center

(Source: Yahoo Finance) “Our goal is to build a regional agricultural products trading market and to become a leader in agricultural finance technology. We are excited as to the potential …

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Oxford Management Group, LLC announces Bookkeeping Management Platform

(Source: Yahoo Finance) Bookkeepers at Oxford Management Group, LLC are skilled in a variety of mainstream accounting software as well as industry specific accounting and billing ..

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(Source: Market Exclusive) … management, asset management, credit research, real estate research, legal, finance and accounting, information technology and capital markets capabilities.

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The Winning Supply Chain Formula for Small Businesses

How can small business owners run supply chains that help them sustain and grow their market share?  The world’s most disruptive companies like Amazon, Uber, and Alibaba surely knows how as they manage extremely complex supply chain and logistics operations with few staff and minimal costs allowing them to expand and grow faster than competition. Download this white paper and […]

ERP vs Accounting (What Are the Main Differences Between SMB Accounting Software and an ERP System?)

As cloud-hosted, small business accounting apps have grown in scope, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between accounting software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. During growth, most companies typically realise that stringing together a set of separate apps gets very challenging regardless of the added integration capabilities the software may have. Whereas an ERP customised to a […]

The Small Business Growth Playbook

More than half of all Australian businesses are expecting to grow within the next 12 months, yet less than a quarter intend to expand their operations overseas and only 5 percent have plans to launch new products or services. In other words, growth is good but if it only comes as a by-product of continuing business as usual, without the […]

Forrester Top 10 Technology Trends to Watch 2016-2018

The customer is king. That’s a given. Smart companies are adopting end-to-end technology solutions to propel their growth and ensure their sustainability. Forrester’s top 10 technology trends demonstrates why a shift is underway from cyclical, intention-led spending on point solutions, to investments targeting customer-driven, end-to-end value. Whilst this opens up huge opportunities, they also pose challenges in terms of the […]

5 Signs Your Business Has Reached the Limits of MYOB

Read how switching from MYOB has helped Aussie businesses like Atlassian rapidly grow by 200% MYOB is a popular entry level accounting software for Aussie small businesses. However, growing businesses need more functionality to manage growing volumes of financial data and processes, not just in MYOB but scattered across multiple spreadsheets and business systems. Download this free white paper to […]