IBM And AT&T Announce Multi-Year Strategic Alliance

(Source: Yahoo Finance) AT&T Business will help transform IBM’s networking solutions with their latest … from retail to financial services, transportation to manufacturing, to healthcare …

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Wall Street finds blockchain hard to tame after early euphoria

(Source: Reuters) Companies, including banks, large retailers and technology vendors, are investing … One UBS-backed project, a digital cash system for financial transactions ..

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CPA pushes professionals to upskill as AI transforms finance sector

(Source: Asia First Financial Intelligence Limited) The professional accounting body also said chief financial officers and their … as it will be a key frontier technology that will expand Singapore’s economy in the …

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U.S. proposes barring Facebook and other big tech firms from offering financial services

(Source: VentureBeat) A proposal to prevent big technology companies from functioning as financial institutions or issuing digital currencies has been circulated for …

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Verizon Said to Have Sought Buyers for Yahoo Finance

(Source: NDTV) “Yahoo Finance is integral to Verizon Media’s growth strategy. … which also owns news publication HuffPost, technology news sites Techcrunch and Engadget, …

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5 Challenges Fleet Management Systems Are Solving for Business and Operations Leaders

Take a look at the top five reasons business and operations professionals are implementing fleet management systems — and seeing results. This easy-to-read ebook shows you how fleet management works and which features can lead to increased profits, better customer service and other important benefits. Learn more about features you may not have known about, as well as the surprising […]

Empowering Growing Companies to Reach Beyond the Limitations of QuickBooks

Very often, SMBs have been faced with relying upon a hairball of dangerously unreliable spreadsheets that support aging accounting systems. This white paper explores the common obstacles faced by SMBs with outdated or disparate systems and addresses how SaaS applications can help mitigate the challenges associated with rapid growth.

Unifying Financials and Inventory

The system landscape of many companies, either in startup or complacency mode, includes QuickBooks as a financial management system and FishBowl as an “add-on” inventory management system. However, both systems have their limitations, which ultimately impact a company’s ability to innovate, scale, and grow. Read this white paper to understand the limitations of QuickBooks and FishBowl, and the value of […]

6 Reasons Fast-Growing Businesses Choose NetSuite Over Sage Intacct

In many cases, finding the right software fit for your business can be like trying to piece together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. However, with the right cloud-based ERP, it can be as simple as aligning few pieces– or in maybe just one piece! When growing companies discover that they have outgrown their software, and it no longer fits their growing […]

NetSuite and the Inc. 5000

They come from all corners of the business world, bringing their innovative mindsets and relentless persistence together to create a 5,000-strong entrepreneurial force. Collectively known as the Inc. 5000, these fast-growing innovators amassed $206 billion in revenues in 2017. NetSuite is proud that hundreds of these businesses rely on its enterprise software suite to keep their operations running smoothly and […]