Alibaba Aquires Chinese Microchip Manufacturer

(Source: “With this partnership, corporate banking solutions are directly baked into their accounting software, driving innumerable efficiencies,” he said. “As an example, cross-border payments requiring tiresome documentation can be directly initiated from Zoho Books, infusing simplicity into a complex process that encourages …

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Standard Chartered Next To Enable B2B Payments In Zoho

(Source: “With this partnership, corporate banking solutions are directly baked into their accounting software, driving innumerable efficiencies,” he said. … To that end, Cup of Data, which offers marketing science solutions for software-as-a-service (SaaS) B2B firms, said last week that it had forged an OEM partnership with InsideView .

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Expensify Kicks off ExpensiCon Conference in Bora Bora

(Source: Press of Atlantic City) Expensify, the most widely used expense software in the world, celebrates the kickoff of its ExpensiCon conference tomorrow in Bora Bora. ExpensiCon gathers top influencers and thought leaders from across the accounting world for four days of …

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LeaseAccelerator and Genpact to present Oracle Lease Accounting Strategies at COLLABORATE 2018

(Source: PR Web ) Finance and Accounting experts share best practices for automating ASC 842 compliance using digital technologies … LeaseAccelerator offers the market-leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for Enterprise Lease Accounting, enabling compliance with the current and new FASB and IFRS standards.

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SwapsTech Develops Real-Time Payments Link For Banks

(Source: where subscribers simply stop, well, subscribing – are crucial to the financial health of SaaS companies within B2B. The aforementioned integration efforts can lead to churn, he said, but other issues can hurt as well, including “lack of a clear roadmap, not complying with service level agreements .

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Five Critical Steps To Prepare Your Business For New Funding, Whether IPO or Private Equity

We’ve compiled five steps firms operating in the capital markets can take to ensure their financial processes and system landscape will prepare them for success. 2018 promises to be a strong year for both the public and private capital markets. The global IPO market is coming off its most active year since 2007, with 174 IPOs. The Americas markets continue […]

The Buyers Guide to Financial Management Software

A financial management system is key to running your operations profitably. You need to have realtime insights into numerous financial metrics such as profitability ratios, inventory margins, liabilities, fixed assets and taxes. An integrated financial management system that brings together your order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes provides you with great business visibility while allowing your staff to perform their jobs much […]

Ebook: Cloud-Based ERP Solves A World of Challenges

It can be easy to think of information technology (IT) as a highly complex, overly demanding and recklessly evolving aspect of modern business. Ironically, however, much of the complexity and labor intensity companies currently experience with their IT solutions has resulted because the companies haven’t kept pace with the rapid evolution of technology. Growing numbers of companies faced with such […]

White Paper: 8 Ways Legacy ERP Harms Businesses

Download this white paper to learn the 8 ways by which outdated ERP systems hold back your business and how “version-less” cloud ERP can help eliminate costly upgrades, reduce IT infrastructure management and drive value with rapid implementation.

ERP vs Accounting (What Are the Main Differences Between SMB Accounting Software and an ERP System?)

As cloud-hosted, small business accounting apps have grown in scope, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between accounting software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. During growth, most companies typically realise that stringing together a set of separate apps gets very challenging regardless of the added integration capabilities the software may have. Whereas an ERP customised to a […]