London B2B FinTechs Win Big As Market Preps For Disruption

(Source: With solutions in the HR space, EaseCentral provides companies with software as … (SaaS) that faces both insurance brokers and employees in the enterprise.

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What Is HR Technology?

(Source: HR Technologist) HR leaders are jumping onto the HR Technology bandwagon, brandishing buzzwords that impress. However, question any HR leader or professional about the …

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Sense raises $10 million to improve communication with independent contractors

(Source: VentureBeat) The San Francisco-based startup provides software as a service (SaaS) to automate … Sense is currently facing competition from HR management platforms like …

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SMHS Grad Quan Rings Closing Bell at NASDAQ

(Source: San Marino Tribune) Quan began his career as a consultant, advising Fortune 500 technology … In the fall, Quan will speak at the HR Technology Conference and Expo, the world’s ..

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HR SaaS startup Darwinbox secures Series A funding from Lightspeed

(Source: Indian CEO) HR SaaS startup Darwinbox secures Series A funding from Lightspeed … Directory), Payroll, Employee Movement, Employee Engagement, Talent Management …

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Your Guide to the Recruiting Revolution: How Technology is Changing the Way We Find & Secure Top Talent

The modern recruiter has it far from easy. While the soft skills of recruiting are still relevant — good communication skills, outgoing personality, and keen intuition — the tech-driven world of work requires talent acquisition specialists to navigate a variety of tools, data analytics, and social media platforms. Recruiters can no longer just be great “people people”—they need to be […]

The Changing Landscape of Recruiting Part 1: 3 Big Recruiting Challenges in 2017

Changing demographics, labor shortages, and skill deficits are making it tough for recruiters in 2017. But all is not lost. Here are three big challenges—and three big solutions—to conquer talent acquisition in 2017.

How Can Analytics Help Organizations Recruit Top Talent?

Finding and retaining great talent today is challenging. Not only do Millennials expect more from employers, they expect more from their careers. The growing talent shortage is nothing to sneeze at either: in 2016, 68% of surveyed HR professionals found it difficult to fill full-time positions. Finally, there’s the shocking skills shortage: 84% of HR professionals reported seeing applied skill […]

5 Reasons Joining Performance and Learning Drives Growth

Employee management tools that are paper-driven and spreadsheet-oriented are no longer viable workforce development strategies. The modern worker wants performance evaluations to be goal-oriented and feedback-focused, with learning opportunities that are self-driven and personalized to their own career aspirations. Combining Performance with Learning helps employees and managers create meaningful career-building plans that lead to bottom line growth.

10 Counterproductive Performance Management Assumptions

Companies need to adapt their performance management strategies to better reflect the changing dynamics of the modern workforce and ensure their employees reach their potential. According to Deloitte, 58% of executives believe their current performance management approach neither drives engagement nor leads to high performance. Even today’s top leaders think “the old way of doing things” is throwing resources down […]