TriNet & Harris Poll Webinar: Industry-Wide Pulse Survey Results – Hard Data, Human Truths and the State of Small and Medium-Size Business During COVID-19

(Source: Yahoo Finance) provides small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. To free SMBs from HR complexities, …

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Leveraging SaaS to Speed Business Recovery the Focus of ISG Smartalks™ Webinar

(Source: GlobeNewswire) a leading global technology research and advisory firm, will lay out five steps … ISG HR Technology, and Stanton Jones, principal analyst, ISG Research, will …

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Apex and BITE Announce Partnership to Deliver New Solutions to Asian Asset Management Market

(Source: Yahoo Finance) digital bank account opening, paperless onboarding, depositary, custody, super ManCo and business solutions including HR and Payroll. www.theapexgroup.

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Paychex Launches Real-Time Pay; HR Analytics Market Grows

(Source: HCM Technology Report) Our weekly roundup of deals, product announcements and other HR technology news. Paychex rolled out real-time payment capabilities that allow companies …

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Visma strengthens its offering of HR cloud solutions in Latin America by acquiring Zetech

(Source: WebWire) Visma strengthens its offering of HR cloud solutions in Latin America by acquiring Zetech. Zetech, leading provider of digital signature and document management …

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How Cornerstone Can Help Your Organization Thrive in the COVID-Era and Beyond

Within this eBook you’ll find practical action steps you can take today to navigate the recent COVID-19 pandemic and provide stability for your employees. Just as importantly, these steps will also ensure you’re prepared not just for today but also ready to succeed in the coming new reality, through 2020 and into 2021.

How Can Organizations Define Great Leadership? By First Defining Needed Skills

The definition of a leader is different at every organization and can change at any given time. Before you can build a leadership pipeline you must define what it takes to be a great leader at your company and have a process in place to continually adapt your strategy as needs change.

The Agile Leader: Tips for Keeping Employees Engaged, Connected, and Productive During Disruption

In this playbook, you’ll get actionable tips for adapting your leadership and communication style during times of disruption. While these strategies can be applied today to lead though the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, they are also a valuable resource for coping through future change cycles.

The Missing Step in Leadership Development: How to Evolve High-Potential Talent for Leading Through Disruption

Many companies focus on defining and developing leaders but stop short of the final step in the process. In an age of continual disruption, your leadership definition and needs can change frequently. It’s critical to have a process in place to regularly review and evolve your strategy to stay ahead and prepared for whatever comes next.

Develop Your High-Potential Talent: How Do You Identify, Develop, and Move High-Potential Talent Within Your Company?

Once leadership is defined at your organization, it’s time to put your vision into action. Turn managers into coaches and begin developing high-potential talent at every level through stretch-assignments and structured learning journeys. This will build your talent pool and create a strong bench of future leaders.