Paradox Expands Senior Leadership Amid Company and Client Growth

(Source: Green Valley News) With a career spanning almost 20 years in HR technology, David has previously worked for leading solution providers such as PeopleScout, Taleo, Oracle, and …

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Oxford University Backed Zegami Launches New Tool to Help Employers Identify Staff at Risk of Resigning Before They Actually Do

(Source: AiThority) Called Zegami HR, Zegami’s new solution will provide HR professionals and organisations with a more detailed and clear view on the role staff play at their …

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IBM helps Woodside Energy apply design thinking to HR onboarding

(Source: ZDNet) Why 82% of HR leaders predict their role will be unrecognizable in 10 years (TechRepublic). As modes of work change with technology, the role of HR follows.

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Betterworks Releases Continuous Performance Management Survey Report

(Source: HR Technologist) Betterworks, the enterprise HR software for Continuous Performance … HR Technology News: Lattice Raises $25M to Continue Empowering People Leaders to …

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NEORIS Demonstrates the Power of Graph Knowledge Management to Enable Predictive Analytics at Neo4j Graphtour New York

(Source: AiThority) Read More: 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing HR Technology. Demian Bellumio, VP of Augmented Intelligence, will represent NEORIS by showcasing …

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The ABC’s (Literally) of Goal Setting

Every business experiences growing pains at some point in its life cycle. To overcome them, you must have goals and alignment to business objectives. The best way to do that? Set OKR’s — Objectives & Key Results. Learn more about how OKR’s, SMART Goals, and check-ins can help set your business on a trajectory of growth and success.

Top 4 Things Millennials Need From Your Learning Program

Millennials want to learn, develop, and grow in their careers. For HR leaders, to hold on to your young leaders it is essential to develop a strategic learning program. Read this brief to learn four things a learning program needs to be successful…especially with the millennial workforce.

Four Essential Strategies to Grow Your Business

Getting any business off the ground is no small feat. And once you’re up and running, the key to survival and long-term success is growth. You have to grow to survive. Read this brief which contains four tips to maximize the chances of success in growing your business.

Continuous Performance Management: The Shift From Accountability to Development

Year-end performance reviews don’t reflect the feedback and development needs of modern workers. Continuous Performance Management starts with the foundational belief that employees want to perform well and they want to improve, grow and develop in their careers. Read this brief to learn the four steps of how to use continuous performance management for your business.

Get Ready for the Convergence of Employee Performance and Engagement

Performance management and employee engagement as we know them are changing. Integrated processes are starting to become the norm because of their ability to offer a more cohesive experience for employees and managers, and drive business impact. As technologies and processes evolve, they are incorporating a focus on understanding, coaching, and recognition as approaches to motivating employees and ultimately driving […]