Riverbed enables WNS to up application speed 3X, better staff productivity & customer liking

(Source: ETCIO.com) .. of their email, as well as financial, HR and other business-critical applications. … The combination of Office 365 and SteelHead SaaS gives WNS confidence to …

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Microchip implants make data accessible but raise workplace privacy questions

(Source: HR Dive) Employers support technological advances that create innovative ways of recruiting, training, administering benefits and other HR functions. While microchips in …

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Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) Earns News Impact Score of 0.50

(Source: Chaffey Breeze) .. capital management software, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). … solutions with analytics and human resources (HR) administration solutions to …

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TriNet Hosts the HR Room at Access During NY TechDay

(Source: ) .. hot HR issues affecting the technology community. At TriNet, Heather manages a team of HRprofessionals who provide strategic and operational HR support.

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New networking approach will define the future of AI

(Source: Deccan Herald) .. be in functions outside of IT such as marketing, customer service, finance, and HR. … Even if you must rely on external providers, monitoring cloud and SaaS …

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How Digital Transformation Elevates Human Capital Management

Streamline all your paperwork and processes by going 100% digital in HR. When everything is synced and organized, your team has more time to focus on strategies to attract and keep the best talent. Read Forbes Insights paper, How Digital Transformation Elevates Human Capital Management: Turning Talent into a Strategic Business Force to learn: • About the technology involved in […]

Accelerate Your Sales Performance

While most business is digital, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions – and the work that supports them — are almost entirely digitized, most organizations still rely on paper for the “last foot” of the process – the sign-off. Continued reliance on paper-based signature is fraught with risks, including impeding productivity, reducing visibility, hampering compliance, and diminishing the customer experience. Electronic […]

HR Leading Business Transformation

HR is a people business, whether it’s helping employees, hiring and nurturing the best talent, motivating employees or creating career development opportunities. So why are so many HR professionals not able to focus on the high value activities that attracted them to HR in the first place? HR professionals spend 30% of their day on administrative tasks • 80% are […]

Why Your Current Strategy for Learning is Broken and How to Fix it With the Power of Collaboration

Development initiatives are a critical aspect of growth, for both organizations and their employees, so how can companies evolve their learning strategies to meet the needs of the new workforce? “Why Your Current Strategy for Learning is Broken And How to Fix it With the Power of Collaboration” will show you how making training collaborative, continuous, and group-led unlocks employee […]

An Engaging Employee Experience – The Ultimate Guide

Turnover is a natural part of the business world, and every company must deal with it. But have you ever thought about why your employees think the grass might be greener at another company? Our new eBook, “An Engaging Employee Experience: The Ultimate Guide,” discusses some alarming stats about the science of employee engagement, and also offers strategies to make […]