A former Google exec has used a simple framework every time she’s decided to switch jobs for the last 20 years

(Source: Business Insider ) Today, Reese is the COO of human–resources software company Gusto. Each time Reese thought about making a career move, she used the same framework …

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PrismHR Partners with EverythingBenefits to Deliver Full-service COBRA Administration Solution

(Source: PR Web ) PrismHR, the leading HR software platform for human resource outsourcing (HRO) … access to EverythingBenefits’ COBRA Administration solution via PrismHR …

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Samsung opening Apple Store-like retail outlets in New York, LA and Houston

(Source: 9to5Google ) … to experience and see Samsung technology brought to life, to empower people … former retail head Angela Ahrendts is replaced by the company’s HR chief.

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First they came for Equifax and we did nothing because America. Now they are coming for back-end systems and we’re…

(Source: The Register ) A company that develops and supports software for consumer reports and … consumer information reports, background checks and human resources products.

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Compliance automation vendor Avalara acquires AI capabilities from Indix

(Source: Moneycontrol.com ) Maintaining tax content and global product information is difficult and resource-intensive, requiring specialized technology, expertise, and human resources.

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Voice of the Customer – Making it #EasyForEmployees

The workplace expects great customer service and HR is now leading a pivotal role in creating purpose‑filled, empathy‑driven experience at every stage of the employee journey. This eBook highlights companies around the world who are defining the digital employee experience in their organization. From delivering self‑service on mobile devices, to ensuring employees have what they need day one on the […]

4 Effective Strategies for Learning with Purpose

The two most fundamental categories of an individual’s motivation are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. These terms describe nothing more than where the motivation originates. Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from within an individual such as their personal goals and desires, while extrinsic motivation is concerned with the motivational forces that arise from the outside world such as compensation […]

Overcoming the Many Costs of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance is costly. Not only does it often mean hefty fines, but it also has the potential to hurt an organization’s reputation, decrease the morale of its employees and restrict its ability to perform key functions. What makes compliance particularly challenging is that laws and regulations are ever-changing. New York, for example, recently introduced stricter sexual harassment legislation and now […]

Developing a Healthcare Workforce to Outperform in the Skills Economy

Faced with changing competitive landscape marked by M&A activity, increasingly empowered consumers, and the ever-present need to comply with regulations, executives within the healthcare industry updating their hiring, training and development strategies to keep pace.

Recruiting Great Candidates Without a Great Budget

Growth in private sector hiring is creating an increasingly difficult hiring landscape for nonprofit organizations. And with further predicted increases in corporate hiring this year and beyond, the challenges facing nonprofits, to recruit the people they need, will become even more daunting. The corporate trend toward being “purpose-driven” and “socially responsible” is also a growing threat; for-profits that commit to […]