Leading Companies Select the Achievers Platform to Ignite Employee Engagement Across Their Organizations

(Source: Canada NewsWire) from banking to computer software to retail—are now among the employers … said Justin Taylor, EVP, chief human resources officer at Bluegreen Vacations.

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Google Enhances Job Search Experience with Cloud Talent Solution

(Source: HR Technologist) In March, Cloud Talent Solution announced new functionality that enables job search by preferred commute time and mode of transit, including walking, cycling, .

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Holded, the ‘business operating system’ for SMEs, gets €6M in Series A funding led by Lakestar

(Source: TechCrunch) Saas covers financial management such as accounting and invoicing to HR, CRM, … It also uses data garnered through the use of the software to benchmark …

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LinkedIn Outlines Improvements to Recruitment Recommendations and Job Tools

(Source: Social Media Today) Of all of LinkedIn’s various tools, its Talent Solutions, or recruitment arm, is it’s … Indeed, LinkedIn is in the best position to change HR as we know it, and these .

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Paycom to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conferences

(Source: MarketWatch) As a leader in payroll and HR technology, Oklahoma City-based Paycom redefines the human capital management industry by allowing companies to effectively .

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5 Easily Adoptable Trends in Performance Management

Today’s workforce has become more dynamic than ever. Is your performance management strategy caught up to the times? Traditional performance management strategies often alienate employees, inhibit growth, occur too infrequently, and produce a nightmare of paperwork. Check out these five simple talent management trends that can help you streamline your performance initiatives: • Reduce or eliminate documentation • Focus more […]

Reap What You Sow: How Fostering a Culture of Ongoing Performance Reviews Drives Growth

A continuous performance management culture boosts revenue by 70% – so how can you build a culture of it to maximize growth? Download this brief to discover the benefits to creating a culture of continuous performance management. 90% of employees think annual reviews aren’t accurate, so how can managers flip the script and deliver more meaningful, growth-focused performance evaluations?  Learn […]

5 Reasons to Stop Giving Annual Reviews

Are performance reviews more time consuming than useful? Do your employees and your organisation actually benefit from them? Well they should, and if done right, they will. In this brief, you’ll learn 6 common excuses that companies make for not adopting a cloud-based tool, and the best practices for overcoming these challenges. Learn how reviews can: • Motivate managers and […]

5 Ways to increase ROI on your Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is designed to do more than “check the box” on training. It’s also a powerful platform ready to deliver meaningful, targeted education and engage workers with career development opportunities. Importantly, an LMS can help your company increase the ROI of employee training and learning. Download our quick-read guide on how an LMS can: reduce costs […]

3 Ways to Tie Learning Directly Into Business Needs

Still thinking of employee learning and business needs as separate – or competing – entities? Your employees want targeted training that’s ready when they are, and they also want to be rewarded for developing new skills. Companies also want to provide learning, but only if it shows results at the lowest possible cost. In fact, 59% of employees said that […]