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The Hidden Value of Hadoop Migration

Discover the benefits of migrating from Hadoop to a modern, cloud-based analytics platform. While reducing licensing costs is one major advantage, a modern, cloud-data platform has the speed and scale to handle all your critical use cases — helping you meet your SLAs, streamline operations and improve productivity. Read on to learn how Hadoop migration can improve business outcomes across […]

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The Delta Lake Series

The Delta Lake Series” of eBooks will explore how Delta Lake brings quality, reliability, security and performance to your data lake to enable a Lakehouse architecture. The eBook series outlines the unique capabilities of Delta Lake, explores common use cases like streaming and explains how Delta Lake can deliver substantial performance improvements for your customers. The Delta Lake Series — Fundamentals […]

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Data Warehouses Meet Data Lakes

Ventana Research found that 73% of organizations are combining their data warehouse and data lakes in some way — and 23% of organizations are replacing the data warehouse with data lakes. As the data warehouse and data lake converge, a new data management paradigm has emerged that combines the best of both worlds: the Lakehouse architecture. Download Ventana Research’s report, […]

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