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10 Common Security Misconfigurations and How to Fix Them

Is your organization using default security settings, or do you have a security configuration management (SCM) program in place to ensure your configurations are as secure as possible? Misconfigurations are a leading cause of unauthorized access and security breaches, creating entry points for hackers in servers, websites, software, and cloud infrastructure. The Open Worldwide Application Security Project includes security misconfigurations […]

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Insider Insights for the PCI DSS 4.0 Transition

Is your organization ready for the new PCI DSS 4.0 Standard? If you’re already compliant with the most recent version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), you’ve probably already begun transitioning to version 4.0 ahead of the upcoming deadline. To help you make the journey easier and more straightforward, Fortra’s Tripwire gathered strategic implementation advice from […]

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