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The Business Value of Reliability-Driven Software Development

As companies strive to gain a competitive advantage by delivering new software features faster, reliability of application services often suffers. Software delivery driven by Service Level Objectives (SLOs) can help identify potential issues before SLA violations occur and reputation or monetary damage is incurred. Using a shift-left approach to reliability is even better and will help amplify the benefits of […]

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8 Deployment Pattern Structures to Transform Your CI/CD

Good deployment patterns mean fast and repeatable pipelines. Great deployment patterns mean fast, repeatable and safe pipelines. Dive deep into deployment pattern structures to find which ones are best for your SDLC needs in our new ebook: 8 Deployment Pattern Structures to Transform your CI/CD. Download the ebook to learn:• What deployment patterns are and why you need them• The […]

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Creating an Exceptional Developer Experience

To say that good developers are in demand is an understatement, so naturally, making sure that your developers have the best possible experience working with your technology is a top priority. However, delivering that experience is easier said than done. Get a breakdown of what a truly exceptional developer experience looks like in our new ebook, “Create an Exceptional Developer […]

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