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The Cloud Threat Landscape: Security learnings from analyzing 500+ cloud environments

The cloud security threat landscape is constantly evolving, and organizations are facing new and sophisticated threats. Panoptica examined over 500 cloud environments of various tenant sizes ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of assets to reflect on emerging trends and challenges over the last year. Read on to understand the cloud security trends seen across Panoptica’s proprietary data and […]

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The Definitive Guide to Securing AWS S3 Buckets: Best Practices and Risks Unveiled

Unlock the secrets of Amazon S3 bucket security with our comprehensive guide. Learn about S3 basics, access control methods, and the potential risks of misconfigurations. Discover real-world examples, best practices, and how to safeguard your data from breaches and vulnerabilities.

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Demystifying Cloud Security: Dispelling Common Misconceptions for Robust Protection

Explore the truth behind cloud security myths. Learn why focusing beyond common vulnerabilities is crucial, delve into application security strategies, and discover the power of bug bounties. Shift your perspective to secure from the inside-out and fortify your multi-cloud presence.

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