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The 10 Must-Ask Questions When Choosing a PEO

There are many benefits to utilizing a PEO, but also many things to consider when selecting which one is right for your company. Not all PEOs are created equal and the costs of PEOs can vary exponentially. In order to choose the right PEO for your business, you must become an educated buyer. Asking the right questions up front will […]

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Cost & Features Comparison of the Top PEO & Payroll Software

Most PEOs offer payroll processing, compliance services and benefits administration. However, not all offer employee onboarding, employee scheduling and time tracking. Technology can also be a big differentiator. Some PEOs are built on legacy technology while others are more technology-forward and user-friendly. Many PEOs lock you into an annual or multi-year contract and only 3 of the top 10 PEOs […]

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Is a PEO Right For My Company?

A common frustration of business owners is the time and effort required to manage employee HR information, work schedules, timesheets and payroll. These challenges are exacerbated for companies that employ hourly workers. We’ll compare and contrast utilizing disparate software solutions versus an all-in-one HR software.

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