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Variants, Attributes, and SKUs—Oh My! Simple Instructions for Reaching the Emerald City of Ecommerce Inventory

In ecommerce, a variant is a product that has attributes, and each attribute is represented with a different identifier, or SKU. For example, if you have a small, orange shirt and a large, gray shirt, each of these products is a variant and each has a different SKU. Unfortunately, most online marketplaces and stores organize variants differently, which makes selling […]

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7 Keys to Ecommerce Success —And a Few of the Costly Tripwires to Avoid Along the Way

The world of online selling is full of folks who thought it would be the easier, softer way to run a business. The unspoken fantasy sounds something like “I’ll work in my pajamas at home, click a few buttons, get a PayPal account, build a website in five minutes, and the money will start rolling in.” And it’s true, it’s […]

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