PBX – Hybrid Work: Why It’s Time To Move Your On-Premises PBX To The Cloud

In a nutshell, the pandemic redefined “work” as we know it. Companies adopted new technologies and workflows to support large-scale work from home. Workers quickly acclimated to the new environment, with many juggling their personal lives and work obligations more than ever before.

It was a monumental shift that tested our agility and resilience. One where workers, leaders, and employers made tough decisions and dramatic changes to their work lives.

Unlike the sudden pivot to remote work in 2020, this new era of work offers a unique opportunity to look at communications systems that can sustain your organization for the next decade.

And they’ll need the tools that help employees work their way. In other words, any form of communication (messaging, video conferencing, phone), on any device, and at any time. Businesses that provide their teams with unified communications can let go of legacy, outdated routines and fully embrace a new era of work. One where employees can work together seamlessly wherever they are.

We’re here to help guide you. Check out this resource to see what your business needs for a hybrid and remote-first workplace.