2015 Cyber Risk Report

We’re making it easy for hackers. New technologies like mobile, Big Data, and the Internet of Things expand the attack surface and bring new technologies they can exploit. In addition, weaknesses in code that is decades old and common problems like server misconfiguration, weak passwords, and poor coding practices open doors that should have been closed long ago. To protect your business, you need an in-depth understanding of the evolving threat landscape and how hackers exploit it to penetrate defenses and steal data.

The HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings you the information you need. This comprehensive report culminates a year-long effort by one of the most capable and respected security research organizations in the world. It’s packed with more than 70 pages of detail including:
• The common, well-known problems that continue to plague cyber security
• Security trends in Windows, Linux, and mobile OSs
• Why security pros were unprepared for Heartbleed and similar events
• Why multi-layer defenses are now required