3 Keys to a Better Bidding Process

Learn how to maximize the value of your digital bid management solutions

Digital technology has become core to how preconstruction teams operate, with 62% of preconstruction professionals agreeing that technology leads to more successful outcomes, and 63% agreeing that adopting new technology will give their company a competitive edge.

However, only 37% of preconstruction professionals report that they’re taking full advantage of the software currently available to them. In this guide, we explore three key categories—technology, people, and process—bid management teams can use to maximize the value of their digital solutions.

You’ll learn:
• The best strategies to tackle internal opposition to new technology
• How to choose the right software that will improve day-to-day processes
• Tips for more successful adoption within teams and from trade partners

Plus, get exclusive insights from our survey to over 1,000 preconstruction professionals!