5 Ways to Build a Culture of Learning for Your Team

The term “culture of learning” can often be controversial. So before we get started, let’s set some expectations. What do we mean by a culture of learning?

In its simplest form, culture is how people think and behave.

While culture isn’t limited to businesses, every company has one. Your company’s culture is vital to your success. Negative cultures can drag the entire company down. On the other side of the coin, companies with positive cultures will attract and retain top talent.

If a culture is about how people think and behave, a culture of learning exists when the people on your team feel encouraged to think about personal growth. But it doesn’t stop with thinking about how each person on your team can better themselves each day. A culture of learning thrives when your employees act on those thoughts—when your team starts taking initiative to find innovative ways to solve new challenges.

This happens when the behavior of your team is so wrapped around improving each day that it’s ingrained in what you do.

When a project doesn’t meet expectations, it’s not a complete failure. Instead, it’s a chance to learn from what went wrong so it doesn’t happen again. As simple as this sounds, in practice it can prove challenging.