Accelerate Your Software Release Cycle with AI Testing

Maximize the potential of DevOps and continuous testing using AI.

The pressure to deliver faster software releases is relentless in today’s dynamic digital
space. Yet, how can testing teams keep pace without compromising quality? The
solution lies in harnessing the full potential of DevOps and continuous testing

While valuable, traditional manual testing often fails to address the complexities of
modern software development, adding to the complexity rather than simplifying it.
Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into your testing workflow can overcome these
limitations and revolutionize your software delivery process.

In this playbook, we delve into the shortcomings of manual testing and unveil best
practices for integrating AI seamlessly to eliminate repetitive manual tests. Discover how
Keysight Eggplant enables automated testing of anything a human can test without
access to the source code.

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