Active Directory Buyer’s Guide for Cybersecurity and Efficiency

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD (AAD) bring organization and standards to how identity and account data is managed and stored. AD does this for on-prem resources and Azure AD for cloud-based resources, but how can you unify the management on them and sync data across your hybrid environment.

If you’re like most organizations, that is an on-going question. The native tools for AD and Azure AD are completely separate and each has a very different processes.

How can you:
• Find the right solution to unify your AD and Azure AD environments?
Seamlessly secure both AD and Azure AD and ensure approval processes are followed?
• How do you ensure there is a consistent permissions model applied across all managed directories?  (i.e., mergers, acquisitions, special AD forests, etc.)
• To begin to answer these questions, view this on-demand webinar, hosted by Forrester, that provides data and rationales to help guide you on your AD/Azure AD solutions buyer’s journey.