Addressing Today’s Endpoint Security Challenges

Your mission as a security professional (you already chose to accept this mission – so backing out is sadly not an option) is to protect all sensitive enterprise data. How can you do that when you seemingly have a lack of effective control over endpoints, BYOD users, arbitrary browsers, non-employee usage, cloud endpoints and IoT devices (just to name a few)? In this webinar, learn the approaches – advanced tools, tactics and technologies – that successful organizations have taken to tackle the mission of securing the endpoint.

What you will learn:
• The limits of endpoint protection: where technology and policy fail us and our sensitive data
• Options for securing all endpoints, managed and unmanaged, including the incoming swarm of IoT
• The Browser: Friend or enemy of security? How can we at least reduce browser hostility?
• Gaining control and visibility over apps, data and services for employees and non-employees