NoSQL Performance Benchmark 2018: Couchbase Server v5.5, MongDB v3.6, and DataStax Enterprise v6 (Cassandra)

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This 29-page report evaluates the performance of the three most popular NoSQL DBs under different cluster configurations and workloads—using the YCSB benchmarking tool.

NoSQL databases were developed to meet the scalability and agility requirements of today’s high-load applications. So, when deciding on a NoSQL system, it is important to know how the technologies perform under increased workloads.

This document provides a detailed performance analysis of three popular NoSQL databases: Couchbase Server v5.5, DataStax Enterprise v6 (Cassandra), and MongoDB v3.6. The systems were evaluated on three different cluster configurations—4, 10, and 20 nodes—under the following workloads:
• an update-heavy mode workload, invoking 50% of reads and 50% of updates
• a short-range scan workload, with 95% of scans and 5% of updates
• a pagination workload filtered with an offset and a limit
• a JOIN workload with grouping and aggregation

The results of the evaluation are detailed with several comparative tables and 17 performance diagrams.