Altoros Report: The NoSQL Technical Comparison Report Couchbase Server (5.0), Cassandra (DataStax Enterprise 5.0), and MongoDB (3.4)

New technologies are rapidly accelerating digital innovation, and customer expectations are rising just as fast. For nearly every industry this means customer experience has quickly become the next competitive advantage. In response, many organizations are switching to NoSQL databases to deliver the extraordinary experiences customers demand.

As the company behind some of the world’s largest NoSQL deployments, Altoros knows from experience that not all NoSQL is created equal. In this report, Altoros delves into the differences between Couchbase Server, Cassandra (DataStax Enterprise), and MongoDB and explains how each can affect the success or failure of your projects. Key topics of the report include:
• The most important architectural differences
• Common use cases and operational challenges
• Key evaluation criteria across performance, availability, and ease of use
• How the three databases read, write, and query data
• Data consistency, deployments, and support of multiple data centers

Unlike other NoSQL comparisons that focus on only one or two dimensions, this report evaluates the three solutions from many different angles, including performance, availability, ease of installation and maintenance, fault tolerance, replication, recovery, scalability, and more.

The report scores the solutions across 22 specific criteria based on measurable data, real-world practical experience, regularly conducted benchmarks, in-depth review of product documentation, and conversations with the solution vendors and user engineering teams. WIth the relative strengths and weaknesses of the solutions in mind, Altoros offers guidance to help you choose the best option for your specific use case.