Analyst Report: Ten Critical Data Management Implications for Your IoT Initiatives

Ten Critical Data Management Implications for Your Internet of Things Initiatives.

Learn how to prepare for the support of your organization’s IoT investments.

Internet of Things initiatives, architectures and technologies have many data-related implications. Data and analytics leaders can be best prepared to support their organization’s IoT investments by:
• Modernizing data management capabilities for IoT solutions by identifying gaps and creating augmentation plans for each of the common capability categories — describe, organize, integrate, govern, share and implement.
• Maximizing impact and consistency by applying these common capabilities throughout the flow of data in IoT solutions, and across multiple IoT solutions.
• Supporting distributed data architectures, by making data management capabilities available at the edge (on “things” and gateways, in addition to traditional platforms).
Download the Analyst Report to learn how to support your organization’s IoT investments by addressing 10 critical impacts on your data management strategy and capabilities.