Are You Using the Metrics That Matter?

Today every single aspect of marketing has an associated numerical value: open rates, followers, shares, clickthrough rates, leads created, pipeline created, revenue, and so on. Yet for all the improvements in our ability to measure, marketing still struggles with it’s perception as a cost centre—it’s relationship with growth is still unclear in many organisations.

This report by Marketo and B2B Marketing uncovers the metrics senior marketers are currently using to prove their success and demonstrate how and where progress can be made in proving marketing’s success at the highest level of the business.

Download this report to investigate:
• The importance senior marketers place on measurement and how they gauge their current ability to measure performance.
• The pressure on marketers to prove their success and attitudes to marketing as a growth driver.
• The difference between tactical and strategic metrics and marketing’s ability to distinguish between them.
• The barriers to measuring marketing’s contribution to strategic/business goals and what is being done to address them.