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The 5 Myths of Finance Transformation

Trying to get your finance transformation back on track after 2020 took you on a detour? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Check out the top five misconceptions about finance transformation—and the realities you can use to get your transformation back on track, including:• Why now is an opportune time to introduce change, despite the pandemic• What other […]

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Taming the Finance Transformation Beast

Finance transformation is on every CFO’s mind. But what does it look like? Why do so many efforts stall out? And how has the COVID-19 pandemic changed how organizations think about transformation? This e-book explores these questions and more, including:• Myths vs. realities of finance transformation• How to achieve common outcomes today’s CFOs are looking for, such as accounting automation, […]

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From Traditional to Transformative: The Complete Guide to Self-Driving Work

Without the proper tools and technology to empower teams and fuel growth, private organizations struggle to scale. That’s because traditional, manual processes can’t keep up in the rapidly changing business landscape. And that’s exactly where self-driving work steps in! So if you’re sick of work—you know, like collecting, copying and pasting, and reformatting data—and ready to embrace technology and automation, […]

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