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5 Best Practices to Automate Major Incident Management

According to a recent IT communications survey, more than 40% of businesses start to feel the impact of a major incident within 15 minutes after IT goes down, but 60% of companies cannot get the right person to respond to a notification that fast. IT outages, security breaches, and other incidents can cripple employee productivity, taint customer perceptions, and result […]

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5 Steps to Build a Process-Centric IT Organization

IT organizations across the board are tasked with moving faster and supporting more processes. Gartner, Inc. states that by 2020, 50% of enterprises will entirely replace the tools they use to support core IT operations management functions. With big changes like these, optimizing your IT Operations processes will be key. Read this whitepaper to learn 5 steps to building a […]

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Is ITSM Obsolete in a DevOps World?

Companies that have seen the most success with their DevOps transformations started with major shifts in culture. This cultural shift enabled greater power, autonomy, and budget to teams responsible for application development and operations—often at the expense of ITSM. Even with the overall benefit of quicker release cycles and deployments, these changes have led to crippling inter-team rivalries which often […]

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