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Forrester’s Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016: The Future of Customer Service

This report summarizes the top trends in customer service that affect companies’ ability to deliver effective customer service, deliver real value through service, and forge an emotional bond with customers. Access your complimentary copy to read Forrester’s analysis and recommendations on the following 10 trends: Trend 1: Companies Will Make Self-Service Easier Trend 2: Field Service Will Empower Customers To […]

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ICMI Report: Uncover the Hidden Profits in Your Contact Center

This whitepaper provides actionable insights on how to effectively deliver value in four key areas and highlights where the opportunities for an organization to profit are hiding. Our findings uncovered key contributing factors as to why today’s contact center struggles to identify, demonstrate, and defend their strategic value, return on investment and overall benefit to the organization. This whitepaper reveals […]

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Case Studies: The Road to Friction-Less Customer Experience

On the surface, business seems like nothing more than a series of transactions. But underneath business is about relationships—with vendors, employees, and most importantly, with customers. Smart, innovative companies know this and are moving to put customer relationships at the center of their business strategy. In this ebook, you’ll get a view into how five organizations use Zendesk in innovative […]

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