Banking: How to Power Personalized Experiences with Snowflake, Featuring Chris Skinner

For years, customer experience has been a top priority for bankers globally. In order to deliver a superior experience than their peers, banks must develop a foundational understanding of their customers’ behaviors and needs. However, despite significant investment in digital transformation, banks still struggle with the ability to manage and make use of the massive volumes of data from new internal and external sources.

The key will be to effectively leverage data and advanced analytics to empower your employees to know the customer and illustrate that understanding through a unique customer journey.

Learn how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can help you gain visibility into each interaction throughout the customer journey and engage customers at the right times with the right offers.

In this webinar, we will cover:
• The customer personalization trends influencing the way banks leverage data
• The significance of digital transformation and the shift to the cloud
• The value of using Snowflake’s Data Cloud to power personalized experiences in banking