Best Practices for Data Protection and Security in the Couchbase Data Platform

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Data protection and security for sensitive data – especially personally identifiable information (PII) – has become a top priority for every enterprise. One reason this concern must be addressed immediately is the introduction of tough new regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Also pressing the agenda forward is an increase in cybersecurity threats and the critical role data security plays in building trust with customers.

This whitepaper explores those three security drivers in depth and explains how the Couchbase Data Platform is uniquely able to provide end-to-end security control from the “core” (datacenter or cloud) to the “edge” (mobile device or embedded system). It also details how Couchbase addresses the four fundamental security concerns of:

1. Access control
2. Data encryption, masking, and redaction
3. Data discovery, sovereignty, and retention
4. Auditing and reporting

You’ll learn how Couchbase ensures a high level of security without significant operational or compliance overhead – and you’ll get a security checklist to make sure your sensitive data is covered from core to edge.