Build Your Case for File Server Replacement

If you’re hanging on to on-premises file solutions, like Microsoft’s Windows File Server (which first appeared in the early 90’s) you’re likely incurring significant costs for upkeep – in terms of both dollars and frustration among IT and end users.

You may be among the many IT teams who are considering replacing them with new, cloud file solutions. Moving work files to the cloud could be intimidating and there are often questions about security, compliance, and access. However, the longer you wait, the greater likelihood of employees finding workarounds creating complexity and sprawl of content across your organization.

Hear Elizabeth Amorose, Partner at ThinkSo Creative and Revenir Energy’s IT Architect, Eric Messer share their experience moving from a traditional on-premise solution to Egnyte.

In the session we’ll discuss:
• Common challenges with legacy file server technology
• Misconceptions about cloud-based file solutions
• An inside look at how Egnyte is performing for ThinkSo Creative & Revenir Energy

It’s time to build a case for file server replacement. Register today.

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