Cisco Business Edition 6000

Today, technology should enable your business to meet the communication needs of your employees and customers, and in the future it should allow you to make simple but value-rich changes. Designed with simplicity to meet these needs, Cisco® Business Edition 6000 helps you solve these challenges with a solution that grows with the pace of your business.

Cisco Business Edition 6000 delivers full-featured, advanced collaboration services with the smooth network integration you expect from Cisco. The solution helps to improve business processes and collaboration throughout your entire organization:

• Boost productivity with an efficient working environment that supports users on any device, from any location, at any time.
• Reduce complexity by providing limited IT staff with one simple solution to manage.
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with hardware consolidation, reduced power and cooling costs, and easy-to-use provisioning and administration tools.
• Customize collaboration today with the flexibility to change and adapt with growth.
• Respond quickly and effectively to customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.