Covering Your SaaS: How to Manage the End-User Experience of Application Environments You Don’t Fully Control

Businesses are adopting SaaS applications at a rapid rate. But while the benefits of SaaS are numerous and proven, the model comes with inherent risks to the end-user experience and presents new challenges for IT. Central to these challenges is a loss of control over the hosting infrastructure, meaning traditional IT monitoring solutions are ill-equipped to handle SaaS solutions. This leaves IT with inadequate troubleshooting tools and inefficient processes for determining the root cause of performance bottlenecks and user-impacting issues.

Read this eBook from Riverbed to explore:
• The trouble with troubleshooting SaaS apps and ensuring consistent user experiences
• The reality of SaaS vendor SLAs and why they don’t tell the entire performance story
• How to take back control of SaaS apps and validate their impact on the business with end-user experience monitoring