Directory Management Chaos in the Cloud

The cloud has significantly evolved over the last decade from a technology you should be using, to the established solution set for everything from commodity virtual resources and flexible infrastructure, to entire platforms and applications.

Because of this, organizations like yours have shifted operational models to take advantage of any and all that the cloud has to offer. Strategies include using mega-public cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to host critical workloads, as well as leveraging specific cloud-based applications. The traditional on-premises environment as we’ve historically known it is no longer a reality; 83% of organizations are running a hybrid environment that leverages resources and services both on-premises and the cloud.

This has created a challenge for many organizations; the directory. What was once just Active Directory acting as the directory for the entire organization, has slowly added cloud systems – first Office 365, then Salesforce, then Amazon S3, etc. With each newly added application and platform, the potential for distraction and shifting priorities grows significantly. This could lead you down a dangerous path of not just one directory that, someday, is so disorganized that you’re unsure where to start the cleanup process, but many.

Read this eBook to learn six succinct strategies that you can implement to avoid AD cloud chaos and implement revived Account Lifecycle Management to retain a grasp on the current state of your environment.