Ease Support, Deployment, and Training With Video – Aided Remote Support Tools

Enterprises — whether in manufacturing, energy, healthcare, IT, or other industry verticals — need to have devices and systems installed and functioning for the long term at peak performance. Examples include the deployment and support of large wind turbines, medical imaging devices, seismology sensors, or large storage arrays. Support and deployment specialists are at the epicenter of creating a seamless, end-to-end high-quality customer experience. These specialists are tasked with the most critical aspects of a customer’s experience: the quick and proper installation of an asset and the ongoing support of the asset. Today, technology is making it simpler for IT and support teams to handle those tasks via remote support software tools. The latest development involves providing video-assisted support using the camera on a customer’s or an employee’s mobile device to quickly identify technical issues that are hard to describe over the phone. This paper examines the business advantages of adopting this solution to support virtually any product — connected or not. It also looks at the role of LogMeIn, a provider of cloud-based connectivity services, in the important market of video-aided remote support.