Econsultancy: Trends, Tech, and the Impact of Data in Media and Entertainment

In the Impacts of Digital on the Media and Entertainment Sector report by Adobe and Econsultancy, find out the latest trends, best practices, and priorities for executives in the media and entertainment industry. For example, 44 percent say content consumption on mobile devices is having the biggest impact on their business. And 61 percent say marketing cloud solutions have bolstered total revenue, compared to 44 percent of those using other approaches.

In this report, you’ll learn about:
• The most effective KPIs at measuring performance
• Leading consumer and marketing trends impacting business
• Top priorities and technology for media and entertainment businesses in 2017
• Organizations’ plans for managing and analyzing customer and advertising data

Key proof points from the report:
• Respondents say their marketing organizations rely more on marketing performance data and optimization insights than they did 1 year ago (comparing to previous study results.)
• By using data, audience intelligence, and analysis, respondents have been able to positively impact (in order): (1) profitability / revenue (2) efficiency (3) scale (4) organizational readiness. (Note: Awaiting a defn. from Econsultancy for “organizational readiness”)
• Advanced Advertising Strategies help respondents achieve better business results. (Note: Awaiting a defn. from Econsultancy for “Adv. Ad Strategies”)