EMA Whitepaper: Measuring the ROI of Riverbed SD-WAN

There is no doubt that cost savings is a key driver of SD-WAN adoption. But by how much can you save and what is your true return on investment (ROI) with SD-WAN?
To help quanitify the financial impact of SD-WAN, Enterprise Management Associates has built a detailed ROI model for 100 and 1,000 site enterprises. Using conservative estimates and customer input, EMA calculates that your ROI can run in the millions with payback in less than 10 months.
Download EMA’s white paper, “Measuring the ROI of Riverbed SD-WAN” to learn:
• What’s driving SD-WAN investment
• The math behind EMA’s Riverbed SD-WAN ROI numbers
• How SD-WAN delivers IT productivity gains and increased uptime
• Five-year ROI projections
• Security benefits of SD-WAN