Evolving Technology for Remote Support Software in Cloud and Mobile Environments

What IDC calls the 3rd Platform — cloud, mobile, social, and big data/analytics — will continue to drive growth and innovation across all industries that depend on IT resources. As key enablers of the 3rd Platform, cloud and mobile technologies have played a crucial role in changing the way companies consume and use IT resources. Given these trends, the need for tools and automation in 3rd Platform environments is more critical than ever to help reduce operational costs and provide higher levels of customer satisfaction. Clientless remote support technology plays a key role in both mobility and cloud environments by helping support the need to access resources anytime from anywhere for both support providers and enterprise customers. This capability is especially critical in service provider markets where cutting operational costs and being able to offer more robust service offerings are key objectives. This IDC Technology Spotlight discusses these trends and the role that LogMeIn Rescue plays in addressing the challenges they pose.