From Zero to Hero: Dealing With AD and Identity Management in HigherEd With Constantly Moving Targets

In higher-education, universities and colleges face distinct identity and access challenges as they deal with ongoing user-status changes. Large changes in students, alumni, faculty and staff happen frequently, and often users have multiple roles and access needs at the same time.

The process of manually provisioning and deprovisioning large groups of students through this cycle is daunting, time consuming, expensive and often fraught with human error. From an IT perspective, these moving targets mean current processes for Active Directory and user-identity lifecycle management are stretched. That’s why you need to read this eBook.

This eBook shares how successful higher-ed IT teams deal with these challenges and simplify complex AD account lifecycle management with three important strategies:

• Unify account administration activities for Active Directory/Azure AD/Office 365 together in a Single Pane of Glass.
• Build an AD-centered provisioning and management strategy that addresses the most pressing identity challenges without the complexity and cost of a traditional IAM solution.
• Implement a least-privileged model for AD administration that spans departments, schools or colleges

Learn how to tackle the challenges facing institutions, empower your higher-ed IT teams to dramatically improve AD Account Management and establish secure, automated and efficient processes for future waves of change.