GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection

Email remains a leading conduit for malware delivery and phishing exploits. According to the GigaOm Radar for Phishing Prevention and Detection, an effective anti-phishing solution must be a critical component of your enterprise security strategy.

Multiple areas evaluated by GigaOm in this independent analyst report include:

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• Target market segments — Small/Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise, Specialized
• Deployment models — In-line, Out of Band, Cloud, On-premises, Endpoint
• Key Criteria Comparison — Analytics, Standards Support, Deployment, Sequestration, Orchestration, End to End, Addresses Insider Threat
• Higher-Level Evaluation Metrics —Architecture, Scalability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Performance, Manageability and Ease of Use

As GigaOm analyst Simon Gibson (former CISO of the Information Security Group at Bloomberg) notes in the report, “Apart from its unique technology, Area 1 also employs a novel approach with its cost structure … This should make deploying Area 1 ahead of any other vendor’s SEG (Secure Email Gateway) a no brainer.”