Handbook: Leading Remote Teams

The tech industry is reliant on the ability to pivot fast and evolve in an ever-changing landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged that adaptability like never before. Every single business entity had to quickly stabilize, revise and rebuild to survive in a totally new reality.

For a massive number of organizations, that meant shifting to remote work on a scale and with an urgency never before experienced. All of the sudden, it didn’t matter whether you were celebrating or dreading the idea of managing a WFH team. The pros, cons and ROI calculations of a fully remote team debated and discussed in the past went out the window. Shutting office doors became the only option to keep many company doors open.

You may still be getting your remote-work feet under you. Maybe you’ve settled into a groove and you want to learn how to level up the remote culture for your team. Or maybe you’re returning to the office but want to build resilience into your organization for the next unforeseeable but inevitable pivot. In any of those cases, this is your survival guide. It offers actionable guidance for building and refining a remote work format along with insights from engineering leaders across the globe on the whys and hows of leading from home. Use it to reap the benefits—and avoid the pitfalls—of managing a distributed team.